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You must show proof that you have a sufficient skills evaluation for your proposed occupation when you submit your visa application. When you are requested to apply, you must already have a skills evaluation.

Other visas in Australia

The Australia visa you apply for depends on the purpose of your visit – whether it is for tourism, business, work, studying, or to visit a family member. Passport holders of many countries can obtain a visa very easily online, while others may have to submit a paper application at an Embassy or Consulate.

Australia Visitor Visa

For a single visit, such as a trip, an outing, a visit to a relative who lives in Australia, receiving medical care, etc. For professional examinations or general commercial inquiries, government visits etc.


Special Program Visa

This visa is requested for special programs where a sponsor that has been approved for the program has sent an invitation for participation. The goal is to improve cross-cultural and international interactions.

Family Sponsored Visa

For skilled person under the age of 45 in rural Australia, the Family Sponsored stream of the Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) Visa is a provisional 5-year visa. 

Business Visa

It offers prospective immigrants the chance to invest, start, or manage a business in Australia. In addition to developing new or existing opportunities in the Australian industry.

Different Types of Australian Visa

You need to get official approval in the form of a visa if you want to travel or live in the Land Down Under. For immigrants who need or want to enter Australia, there are numerous choices. Every year, more than 80,000 positions are filled, with qualified immigrants filling half of these positions. 32,000 migrate with their families. Thousands of students travel to Australia to complete their higher education. You may apply for a visa under one of eight categories, depending on your requirements .