Temporary Graduate Visa

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You must show proof that you have a sufficient skills evaluation for your proposed occupation when you submit your visa application. When you are requested to apply, you must already have a skills evaluation.

Australian Scholarships Without IELTS

About Temporary Graduate Visa

International students who have just graduated from an Australian educational institution are eligible for a temporary graduate visa in Australia (subclass 485). After completing their studies at an Australian educational institution, qualifying students may stay in Australia for up to 4 years and work. For international students who want to stay in Australia longer after finishing their studies, it is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it aids those looking for a permanent residence in Australia, whether through General Skilled Migration or employer sponsorship. The field of specialization is irrelevant as long as your studies are at the appropriate level, hence there is no occupation list for the post-study work visa. Skills assessment is not necessary ,Both full work and full study rights are included in the Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia. While the visa is still valid, you are free to travel to and from Australia.

Subclass 485: Before You Apply

Before applying for this visa, you must gather certain details. Under who is qualified for this visa, you can find more information on the documents you’ll need to submit before applying.

Subclass 485: Your Passport

For this visa, a current passport or another form of identification is required. Prior to requesting your visa, you need to get a new passport if you want to do so.

Subclass 485: Eligible For Visa

You must meet the specific requirements and must be under 50, have a valid visa, and have provided documentation to support your English language proficiency as part of your application.

Previous Application Refused

You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia. But you might be eligible to apply for some other visas.  You must meet all relevant visa eligibility criteria.

The Australian study requirement

You must fulfill the Australian study prerequisite six months before applying. If you are able to prove to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that you have successfully completed one or more degrees, diplomas, or trade qualifications that are eligible for an award by an Australian educational institution as a consequence of a course(s):

  • On the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students (CRICOS).
  • whom English was the language used for all instruction
  • which required a minimum of two academic years (92 weeks) of study and were successfully completed
  • This took at least 16 calendar months to finish in total
  • Anything you carried out while you were a visa holder in Australia