Professional Year Course

What is professional year course?

Professional Year, more appropriately known as the Job Preparation and implementation, is a systematic career development program created to improve a student’s capacity to find employment in their field of study by putting technical knowledge and abilities to use in the workplace and culture of Australia.

The benefits of professional year course

A Professional Year Program aids in the development of communication abilities, practical experience, and familiarity with the industry and culture of Australia. 

Professional Year Course includes

You must have studied in Australia and completed an undergraduate or graduate degree program in order to be eligible for the Professional Year programs. 

The curriculum lasts 44 weeks and includes a 12-week internship with a relevant host company. 

The coursework is organized as a 12-week Australian workplace internship in the participant’s chosen discipline after a 32-week training in business communication and workplace skills. 

You must also meet each of the conditions listed below

Requirements for application

Candidates must have completed a course that is a good fit for the Professional Year course to which they are applying, as well as an Australian higher education program in which they earned two years’ worth of credit over a minimum of 18 months.To apply for this program, applicants must submit the following documentation: